SAN SIRO (outside) _ 0005


The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, commonly known as the San Siro, is a football stadium located in the San Siro district in Milan, Italy. It is the home of both A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano. On 3 March 1980, the stadium was named in honour of Giuseppe Meazza, the two-time World Cup winner (1934, 1938) who played for Internazionale, and briefly for Milan, in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. It held UEFA five-star stadium status which was superseded by a new system of classification.

Location Via Piccolomini 5, 20151 Milan, Italy
Opened 19 September 1926
Owner Milan Municipality
Surface Desso GrassMaster

Capacity 26,000 (1926–1939)
55,000 (1939–1955)
100,000 (1955–1956)
90,000 (1956–1988)
72,000 (1988–1990)
88,500 (1990–2002)
85,700 (2002–2003)
82,955 (2003–2008)
80,074 (2008–2011)
80,018 (2011–)

Field dimensions 105m x 68m

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From Milan, Italy
Travel from Mar 5 to Mar 18
Thanks Jc !


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